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Pathways to Learn WordPress

Welcome to Learn WordPress

The following content is a suggested order when learning WordPress. It is not a comprehensive or required track. It is what we have published to date. The audience of who can Learn WordPress help is vast.

More content is in production, and suggested topics are welcome. A high-level brainstorm overview of additional pathways and content is available as well.

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About WordPress & Open Source

Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
General History Of WordPress
What is Open Source?Introduction to Open-Source
What You Can Do With WordPress
High-Level Overview
What’s the Difference between vs
WordPress Under the Hood
Introduction to WordPress

Get Started

Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
How to Choose the Right Hosting for Your WebsiteGetting Started With WordPress: Get Setup
Local InstallLocal WordPress Installation for Beginners
How To Install WordPress On A Server
Dashboard OverviewWordPress Dashboard OverviewGetting Started With WordPress: Get Familiar
SettingsManaging Settings: General
Managing Settings: Reading
Manage Settings: Privacy
Managing Settings: Permalinks 
What to do when you forget your password
Setting A Static Page As Your Homepage
Pages Vs. PostsPosts Vs Pages
How to Create a Post or Page with the WordPress Block EditorHow to Create a Post or Page with the WordPress Block Editor
Adding and Removing Images
Managing MediaUsing the Media Library
Organizing Your Media Library
Categories Vs. TagsWordPress Taxonomies
Managing Settings: Discussion
Managing Settings: Writing
Managing CommentsManaging Comments
What Is A Theme
Themes/Plugins Relationship
Choosing And Installing ThemesHow to choose & install a theme
Choosing And Installing PluginsHow to choose and install plugins
Introduction To Common Plugins
Using the Block Widget Editor
User ManagementUser Management
Managing Updates
Troubleshooting Basics
Theme Troubleshooting
How To Find Help With WordPressHow to find help with WordPress
How To Find Theme Specific Documentation
Managing Spam On A SiteManaging Spam on Your Website
Backing Up Your WordPress Site
WordPress Troubleshooting Basics: Part 1
WordPress Troubleshooting Basics Part 2: Troubleshooting with Logs

Get Started with Blocks

Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
Intro to Publishing with the Block Editor Simple Site Design with Full Site Editing
Content Creation in the Block Editor
How to use the List ViewHow to use the Block Editor List View
How to Create Reusable BlocksHow to Create and Use Reusable Blocks
Use Duotone Filters to Change Color Effects
How to use WordPress Block PatternsUsing Block Patterns
Intro to Block Patterns
Add New Blocks to Your Site Using the Block DirectoryFinding New Blocks with the Block Directory
Intro to the Block Directory
Difference between Reusable Blocks, Block Pattern, Templates, Template Parts
How to Build Low-Code Block PatternsHow to create Low-Code Block Patterns
Intro to the Site Editor and Template Editor
How to Style Your Site with Global StylesHow to Style Your Site with Global StylesPersonalized Site Design with Full Site Editing and Theme Blocks
How to Create a Menu with the Navigation BlockHow to create a Menu with the Navigation Block
How To Add and Remove Logo And Site Icon in Site Editor 
Adding a Site Tagline to Block Themes
TemplatesTemplatesAdvanced Site Design with Full Site Editing: Site Editor, Templates and Template Parts
Using Page Templates
Template PartsTemplate Parts
Using Template Parts
Advanced Layouts with the Block Editor
Building Sidebars With the Site Editor
Displaying the Post Comments Block to Block Themes –

Optional Extension to Get Started

Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
Introduction To Common Plugins
Improving Site PerformanceImproving Site Performance: An overview
How to Use Post Formats in Posts
Child Themes Twenty Sixteen
Child Themes Twenty Seventeen
Migrate, Copy, Or Clone A Site
Help Regenerate ThumbnailsHow to Regenerate Thumbnails
Keeping WordPress Sites Secure

Classic Themes & Customizer

Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
Classic Content Editor Overview
Introduction to the CustomizerUsing the Theme Customizer
Customizer: Header And Background Images
Customizer: Site Icons And Logo
Customizer: Static Vs. Content Front Page
Customizer TaglinesCustomizer Taglines
Managing Classic Theme Menus
Classic Child Themes


Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
Introduction to Contributing to WordPress
How to create a Lesson PlanHow to Create a Lesson Plan
Style Guide Creation Workshop
Best Practices When Capturing ImagesBest Practices for Creating Screenshots
Anonymizing information in the browser
How to add demo content in WordPress
Creating a AccountCreating a Account
Creating/Joining WordPress Slack, orientation to channels and etiquette
How to Use and Contribute to the WordPress Photo Directory and Openverse
Speaker Training WorkshopCreating a Welcoming and Diverse Space Part 1
Creating a Welcoming and Diverse Space Part 2
Diverse Speaker Training Workshop Part 1
Diverse Speaker Training Workshop Part 2
Diverse Speaker Training Workshop Part 3
Diverse Speaker Training Workshop Part 4
Online Stage Presence
Storytelling for Tech Talks
How to Submit a Workshop
How to use GitHub
How to use Trac
Organizing WordPress Meetups: Supporting an Online Meetup
Organizing WordPress Meetups: Getting Started
Contributing on the WordPress Community Team


Lesson PlanWorkshopCourse
Anatomy Of A Theme
Introduction To CSSCustom CSS in the Editor
What To Include In functions.php File
Template Tour
Template Hierarchy
Conditional Tags
The Loop
Enqueueing Scripts And Styles
Web Fonts
Custom Post Types
Dashboard Icons
Make a Plugin Inside the WordPress Dashboard
How to add Post Formats Support to Your Theme
Theme Accessibility
Theme Internationalization
Registering Block Patterns
Intro to Gutenberg Block Development
Making Dashboard Widgets


Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
Getting Started in eCommerce: From Idea to First Customer


Lesson PlansWorkshopsCourses
Using WordPress in Other Languages