Incident Response Team Training


This Incident Response Team (“IRT”) Training Course addresses in full how WordPress contributors take and respond to code of conduct reports.

There are four modules in the course, which cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the Incident Response Team
  2. Overview of Processes and Expectations of the Incident Response Team
  3. Taking Incident Reports
  4. Responding to Incident Reports

Target Audience

As anyone can submit an incident report when they see something happen, this training is for any WordPress community member who would like to be prepared to help their fellow community members in submitting an incident report. This training, especially the workshop on taking incident reports, will be particularly helpful for WordPress event organizers preparing for WordCamps who want to know what to do in case of a WordCamp Code of Conduct violation. Members of the WordPress community incident response team are also asked to complete this training, as are Community Team deputies responding to incident reports for WordPress events. If questions arise or more help is needed, please contact for WordPress events-related questions, or for broader project matters.

This full course is designed with WordPress community organizers, community deputies, and incident response teams in mind. Deputies and WordPress incident response teams will find the full course informative to understanding expectations, processes, and best practices while taking and responding to incident reports.

Introduction to the Incident Response Team

Overview of Process and Expectations of the Incident Response Team

Taking Incident Reports

Responding to Incident Reports