WordPress Community Deputy Training

This course is a new approach to training deputies on the Community Team. Previously, we had focused training on tasks, like reviewing applications and budgets, or mentoring organizers. We still want to train people on tasks, but recently we decided to spend more time on open source methods and how they’re used in WordPress community organizing — basically explaining the “why” behind the “how we do things.” We hope this will help our deputies to feel more confident in the work they do on this team.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in helping the community team make the WordPress open source project a better place to be! We couldn’t do this without you.

Why we need Community deputies and what they do Preview Where to ask questions Preview WordPress project basics Preview Applying open source methods to community organizing Preview What inclusive, welcoming local communities do for the WordPress project Addressing unwelcoming behavior Preview The (open source) reasons behind the rules Preview The Open Source Toolbox: common problems, uncommon solutions Vetting Organizer Applications Preview Office Hours Preview WordCamp Orientations Preview Shipping Swag to Meetups and WordCamps Preview Reviewing Meetup Venue Requests Preview Reviewing Budgets: Intro and Philosophy Preview Reviewing a budget, step-by-step: Getting Started and Expenses Preview Reviewing a budget, step-by-step: Income and Conclusion Preview Community Deputy Training Conclusion