WordPress Troubleshooting Basics Part 2: Troubleshooting with Logs

The continuation of the Troubleshooting Basics workshop is aimed at a beginner audience. The workshop will cover the following topics:

Debug Logs
* How to enable debug logs
* How to catch errors in the debug log.

Console Logs
* An introduction to the browser console
* Finding errors using the browser console.
* Troubleshooting using the errors found in the browser console.

Learning outcomes

  1. How to enable debugging on a WordPress site.
  2. Using debug messages to identify issues on a site
  3. Using the browser console to find front-end errors on a site.

Comprehension questions

  • How can you enable debugging on a WordPress site?
  • What can you do to ensure that debug errors do not show up in the site front end?
  • What type of errors can be discovered using the browser console?
  • Length 26 mins
  • Topic Troubleshooting, UI, WordPress
  • Language English

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Hari Shanker R
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