Intro to Block Patterns

Now that you’re familiar with the block editor, we’ll dive into block patterns next. In this workshop, we’ll learn about block patterns and how to use them on your site.

This workshop is part of the Intro to Publishing with the Block Editor series.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand what block patterns are.
  2. Learn how to access block patterns.
  3. Learn how to add block patterns to posts and pages.
  4. Understand how to customize block patterns for your content.

Comprehension questions

  1. What is a block pattern?
  2. Where can you access block patterns?
  3. Are block patterns meant to be customized?
  • Length 14 mins
  • Topic Block Editor, UI
  • Level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Captions Nederlands, English

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Erica Varlese
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