How to use GitHub for Gutenberg?

The WordPress project uses GitHub to manage all issues related to the Core Editing experience including everything from, core blocks like image or paragraph, core editor APIs, full site editing, and more. Because this system is separate from Trac, the ticketing software that core WordPress uses, it can cause some confusion about when to engage here.

This video will teach you everything you need to know about creating, updating, and browsing GitHub issues so that you can effectively contribute to the core editor and follow along with the project using GitHub (This line is partially stolen from the how to use Trac workshop!).

Learning outcomes

  1. How to create a new GitHub Issue
  2. What makes a good GitHub issue
  3. How to search through currently open issues and follow relevant issues
  4. Understanding the various GitHub labels
  5. When to share in GitHub over Trac or the support forums

Comprehension questions

  • What should you do before opening an issue?
  • What makes a good GitHub issue?
  • What are GitHub projects used for?
  • When should you share in GitHub over Trac?
  • Length 18 mins
  • Topic Contributing, Core
  • Language English
  • Captions English

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