Diverse Speaker Training Workshop Part 1

This workshop is for people from marginalized or underrepresented groups who are thinking about speaking at WordPress events. You do not need to have any experience in public speaking, and this workshop is for all levels of experience.

Part 1: Intros and Finding a Topic

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand myths that prevent people from speaking publicly
  2. Identify any of your personal fears that have stopped you from public speaking 
  3. Generate several topics that you could speak about
  4. Learn the different types of talk formats

Comprehension questions

  • What are some common myths that prevent people from speaking publicly?
  • What is impostor syndrome? 
  • What are some topics that you came up with during your brainstorm? Were you able to choose and refine any topics?
  • What are some of the different talk formats? Are there any in particular that you would like to give?
  • Length 1 hour, 14 mins
  • Topic Diversity
  • Language English

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I lead the Diverse Speaker Training group in the WordPress.org Community Team. We have a workshop that encourages more diverse folks to apply to speak at WordPress events.

I helped organize the first BuddyCamp and for three years co-organized WordCamp Vancouver. I was voted runner-up for the 2020 BraveIT Award, featured as a Person of WordPress on WordPress.org in 2019, named one of the top 100 Influencers of WordPress in 2014 by Torque Magazine and one of the top 10 Women of WordPress by CloudWays.

Aurooba Ahmed

Interests: content-first web development, PHP, JS, React, HTML, CSS

I care about friendly useable websites built with clean and elegant code. Always doing my best to keep learning and building my best.

Angela Jin

An inveterate volunteer, Angela has a longstanding passion for building strong, inclusive communities. She joined Automattic in 2018 as a community organizer for the WordPress open source project, and adores working with WordPress communities around the world. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Angela is currently trying out Madrid, Spain, where she delights in learning Spanish, exploring by eating, and reading a good book.

Miriam Goldman

WordPress Engineer at Kanopi Studios. WordCamp Ottawa and WordPress Ottawa meetup co-organizer. Train the Trainers lead for Diverse Speaker Training group. WordCamp speaker. Karate sensei, latin ballroom dancer, and clarinetist.

Chandrika Guntur

WordPress theme development, Plugin development

Bhargav Mehta

Humming to the melodies of A. R. Rahman is my full-time job. Expanding the horizons of knowledge by reading is what people always find me doing. E-commerce raises my dopamine levels and hence I work on E-comm projects. Currently working as Assistant Project Manager at Commerce Pundit.