How to Create and Use Reusable Blocks

Reusable blocks are a powerful way to manage frequently used content on your WordPress site from the block editor. In this workshop learn to create and insert blocks into your content that can be edited from a central location allowing changes to be made across the site, anywhere the reusable block has been placed. This workshop shows reusable block features as they exist in WordPress 5.7.

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn what a reusable block is and how they are useful
  2. Learn how to save a block or group of blocks as a reusable block.
  3. Learn how to manage existing reusable blocks from the block editor.
  4. Learn how to access and use the reusable block list view.
  5. Learn how to convert a reusable block back to regular blocks in the block editor.
  6. Learn how to insert an existing reusable block into block editor content

Comprehension questions

  • How does a reusable block differ from a group of blocks?
  • After adding a reusable block to your content, can it be changed back to a regular block?
  • Can a reusable block be created without any coding knowledge?
  • How can you include multiple blocks in a reusable block?
  • Length 14 mins
  • Topic Block Editor
  • Language English

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Daisy Olsen
I’m a Developer Relations Wrangler with Automattic I have worked in and around the WordPress community since 2007. I’ve also spoken at WordCamps in India, New York City, Boston, and Chicago. I had the honor of helping to organize the first WordCamp Boston in 2010. In my spare time, you’ll often find me listening to audiobooks while knitting. I love to travel with my family and have often spent many weeks throughout the year visiting different places.