Simple Site Design with Full Site Editing

This course will review the interconnected features that make up full site editing (FSE) and how full site editing can help you create beautiful site designs without needing to use any code.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe how full site editing features will be beneficial when creating a new site.
  • Create a personalized site design without coding.
  • Lessons: 15

Getting Started With WordPress: Get Familiar

There are a few things many people did not know that they didn’t know before getting started–but wish they did! This guided tour of WordPress will walk you through some things that will help you…

  • Differentiate between when you should write a post vs. when you should write a page
  • Learn WordPress terminology like “slug”, “category”, “tag”,
  • Personalize your profile
  • Use images to help search engines and people of all abilities find, list, and use your site
  • Utilize your WordPress dashboard to help you learn more

  • Lessons: 18

Getting Started With WordPress: Get Setup

Do you want to learn about the very first important steps you should take to get started with WordPress? If so, this microcourse is for you! Taking this course will briefly walk you through the basics of hosting and domains so you will be prepared to install WordPress for the very first time.

This course is right for you if…

  • You want to set up a simple website or blog;
  • You are getting started for the first time with WordPress;
  • You haven’t decided on a host yet (or don’t know what this is–yet!);
  • You haven’t picked a domain name yet (or don’t know what this is either)

  • Lessons: 11

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