How to choose and install plugins

WordPress plugins help extend featuers of WordPress and help users achieve their specific needs. As of December 2020, the plugin repository in has over 57,000 plugins. There are several thousands of commercial plugins also available, outside of too.

This workshop is aimed at users and will teach participants how to find a plugin for their needs. In the workshop, we will cover how to find and install a new plugin through the dashboard, how to evaluate a new plugin for use on your site, how to provide feedback and how to get help with a plugin through the support forums.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify how to activate the default plugins, Akismet and Hello Dolly.
  2. Install plugins automatically from the WordPress Plugin Directory or from a provided zip file.
  3. Demonstrate how to leave a star rating and review for a plugin.
  4. Demonstrate how to search for and create a new topic in the plugin support forum.

Comprehension questions

  • What can plugins do?
  • When looking for plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, what information should you pay attention to?
  • What should you do AFTER installing a new plugin?
  • Besides installing the plugin, what do you need to do to run a new plugin?
  • Length 14 mins
  • Topic Publishing, WordPress
  • Language English

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Hari Shanker R
I am a Community Wrangler at Automattic, and I contribute full-time to the WordPress Community Team as a Deputy. WordPress is one of the biggest passions in my life and I enjoy working on programs that support the global WordPress community. I believe that open-source tech and the open web have the potential to make the world a better place. I have had a rather diverse career with significant experience in the domains of Retail Banking, Print & Web Journalism, Web Development, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Professional Blogging, and Education. Outside of work, I enjoy writing (blogging) as a hobby, and I’m a compulsive bibliophile. I’m also a happily married pet parent.