Advanced Layouts with the Block Editor

In this workshop, participants will learn the core concepts of basic blocks provided in all current WordPress installs. We also explore the anatomy of advanced block layout and how to construct more complex and attractive layouts by just using blocks – without any custom code or plugins.

(This is an adaptation of a talk from WPBlockTalk, April 2020)

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the general purpose and usage of basic and layout blocks.
  2. Get a grasp of how you can achieve a complex page layout with blocks.
  3. Construct different page layouts using a combination of default blocks.
  4. Learn how modern themes work in conjunction with blocks.

Comprehension questions

  • What are some of the examples of basic and layout blocks?
  • Can you add (nest) a paragraph block within a cover block?
  • How do you create a three-column restaurant food menu to a page, using a column, image, paragraph, and spacer blocks?
  • What happens to a page layout when you change the site’s theme?
  • Length 26 mins
  • Topic Block Editor
  • Language English
  • Captions English, 日本語

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Mel Choyce-Dwan
I’m a Boston-based designer. I’m currently focused on designing rad, modern themes for Gutenberg, sponsored by my employer, Automattic. In the past, I’ve contributed to parts of the project like Gutenberg and the Customizer. I’m a core committer, and co-led WordPress 4.9 “Tipton.” On the community side, I co-organize WordCamp Boston.