Organizing WordPress Meetups: Getting Started

The Organizing Meetups series of two workshops is aimed at all WordPress Community members across the world that are interested in organizing meetups.

Part 1 of the workshop will include basic topics including information on what meetup groups are, how can one organize a WordPress meetup group in their area, the five good faith rules, GPL and Trademark rules.

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn how to apply to organize an official WordPress Chapter meetup.
  2. Understand the five good-faith rules and expectations of all organizers.
  3. Learn about how sponsorships for meetups are handled.
  4. Learn why the trademark and GPL guidelines are important for anyone who represents WordPress in an official capacity.

Comprehension questions

  • What does it mean to become an official WordPress meetup group?
  • What are the skills required to organize a WordPress meetup?
  • Explain the five good-faith rules that are applicable for all meetup organizers.
  • How can organizers handle code of conduct violations in a meetup group?
  • Length 18 mins
  • Topic Community Team, Contributing, Meetups, WordPress
  • Language English
  • Captions English

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Angela Jin
An inveterate volunteer, Angela has a longstanding passion for building strong, inclusive communities. She joined Automattic in 2018 as a community organizer for the WordPress open source project, and adores working with WordPress communities around the world. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Angela is currently trying out Madrid, Spain, where she delights in learning Spanish, exploring by eating, and reading a good book.
Erica Varlese
I am a Community Wrangler sponsored by Automattic and based in the New York area. I spend most of my time contributing to the Polyglots, Community, and Training teams. My WordPress journey began about 10 years ago, when I started my blog while working as a freelance writer. In my offline life, I love travel, coffee, dogs, and learning languages (ping me in français, italiano, português, o español – I love any chance to practice!)
Hari Shanker R
I am a Community Manager for WordPress, and my contributions are sponsored by Automattic. WordPress is one of my biggest passions in my life and I enjoy working on programs that support the global WordPress community. I believe that open-source tech has the potential to make the world a better place. I have had a rather diverse career with significant experience in the domains of Retail Banking, Print & Web Journalism, Web Development, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Professional Blogging, and Education. Outside of work, I enjoy writing (blogging) as a hobby, and I’m a compulsive bibliophile. I’m also happily married pet-parent.