Content Creation in WordPress using Gutenberg

This WordCamp India workshop explains different techniques for content creation using the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg). The workshop goes into detail about the Block Editor and showcases the different blocks in the block editor such as the paragraph block, heading block, list block, quote block, cover block, etc – amongst others. The workshop also goes into detail about different features in the block editor – such as reusable blocks, and block patterns.
This workshop showcases WordPress 5.6 and was shot in January 2021.

Learning outcomes

  1. Get an overview of the block editor and how it differs from the classic editor
  2. Learn about different blocks in WordPress core including layout blocks.
  3. You will get a hands-on overview of how to build different layout using the core blocks.
  4. You will also learn about reusable blocks and block patterns.

Comprehension questions

  • What is the difference between the block editor and the classic editor?
  • What is the procedure to add different columns in the block editor?
  • How do you add a Hero section to a WordPress page using just the core blocks?
  • How can you create a custom block layout that you can reuse in different parts of your WordPress site?
  • Length 39 mins
  • Topic Block Editor, Publishing, WordPress
  • Language English
  • Captions English

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WordCamp India 2021
WordCamp India is a three weekend regional online WordCamp from Jan 30 – Feb 14.
Sayed Taqui
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