Intro to Gutenberg Block Development

With WordPress moving more and more into the world of blocks, knowing how to build your own blocks has become valuable knowledge. However, if you are a plugin or theme developer, you might not be sure where to start. This workshop will serve as a guide to building your first block.

Don’t forget to check out the create a block tutorial in the WordPress Developer handbook for more information on how to create a block.

Learning outcomes

  1. How to set up a block enabled plugin/enabled your existing plugin to be block enabled
  2. How to create a simple block, and the basic elements of a block
  3. How to create a custom block, using existing WordPress components
  4. How to create your own custom block, by creating your own custom component

Comprehension questions

  1. How do you register a new Gutenberg block in JavaScript?
  2. What property of a block is used to store information about the state of a block, and why is it useful?
  3. Briefly describe what a custom Component is, and how you would create one?
  • Length 47 mins
  • Topic Block Development, Block Editor
  • Level Beginner
  • Language English

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Jonathan Bossenger
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