WordCamp organizer training

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences that focus on everything WordPress. Each WordCamp is different, reflecting the local WordPress community it represents, but usually a wide range of people from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

This course is required training for all new WordCamp lead organizers, as well as being useful for anyone wanting to know more about how WordCamps work. It contains quizzes you may use to test your knowledge of various aspects of WordCamp.

The primary source of information for the questions in this course is the WordCamp Organizer Handbook, as such this course does not contain any content on its own – all questions will be based on the information in the handbook.

What is a WordCamp Should You Be an Organizer? Application Process Representing WordPress The Organizing Team First Steps Venue and Date Budget and Finances Reimbursement Requests Running the money through WordPress Community Support, PBC Vendor Payments Web Presence Custom Tools for Building WordCamp Content Using CampTix Event Ticketing Plugin Tips and Tricks for Working on Your WordCamp.org site Contributing to WordCamp.org Fundraising Global Community Sponsorship — For Event Organizers WordCamp Sponsorship Food and Beverage Speakers Speaking at a WordCamp Selling Tickets Publicity Swag Parties Volunteers Supplies Backup Plans Video Planning Setting up your video equipment During WordCamp Planning a Contributor Day After It’s Over