Custom CSS in the Editor

From customizing a block to adding a class in the advanced CSS field, this workshop will guide you through the process of customizing the editor using simple CSS. There will also be a little trip into using the inspector along the way to find the perfect class.

Learning outcomes

  1. Finding a style using the inspector in Chrome.
  2. Understanding blocks have CSS.
  3. Using the advanced CSS input field.
  4. Basics of CSS: inheritance, flow, breaking flow, colors.
  5. Showing how to add custom CSS to your theme in Customizer and theme edit

Comprehension questions

  1. What ways are there to add custom CSS to the editor?
  2. How can you find what class a block uses?
  3. What does CSS mean?
  • Length 11 mins
  • Topic Block Editor, CSS
  • Language English
  • Captions English, 日本語

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Tammie Lister
I am an experience designer, with a passion for human centred design and hugs.