Finding Images Using the WordPress Photo Directory

What is the WordPress Photo Directory? It is a source for you to find and download photos that you can freely use. We’ll also clarify how the Photo directory works with but is not the same thing as Openverse.

Learning outcomes

  1. Describe what the WordPress Photo Directory is
  2. Describe how the Photo Directory content can be found via Openverse


Comprehension questions

  1. Can you use photos from the Photo Directory on your website freely?
  2. Will photos submitted to the Photo Directory be in Openverse?
  3. Can photos in the Photo Directory include people?


Hi everyone. Today we’re going to look at the WordPress photo directory what it is and how to use it to find and download photos. When we’re done, you should be able to find the photo you want to use, know how to download it to your computer, and have proper licensing requirements. Let’s get started.

What is the WordPress directory? The WordPress photo directory is an open-source project dedicated to providing Creative Commons licensed photos contributed by other users of the WordPress community. These can then be used without payment or attribution in your design projects.

Unlike Openverse, the WordPress photo directory stores files in its own library. The photos metadata and several size variations are stored directly on the directory servers for instant download access. The WordPress photo directory is one of the many sources for open vs search results.

It should be noted that the licensing for WordPress photo directory files includes only Creative Commons CC zero licensed files. This means that all photos downloaded here are free to use without payment or attribution, that you may provide credit to the photo authors if you’d like. You can find out more about the CC zero license on

Let’s take a look at finding and downloading a photo. You’ll notice that the WordPress photo directory has not yet officially launched. But you can still submit photos and use the ones that are currently available.

Let’s start by searching for an image I look for an alligator once you have your search results, you’ll choose an option. I’ll choose this first one.

There are several other ways that you can find images using the WordPress photo directory. You can find them by colors, categories, or tags. As you see clicking on green will surface lots of photos that contain green in them. Let’s go back to our photo.

From here you’ll find the author information, a caption and some more license, license and usage information. As noted before all images are the CC zero license so this will be the same from photo to photo.

To download the photo to your computer, and click on the download button that’s located at the top right of the photo on the page. From here you can choose several size options or choose the original size to download.

Clicking on one of the sizes will open up the dialog box for your browser to save the file to your computer. Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what the WordPress photo directory is and how to use it to find photos for your projects.

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