Storytelling for Tech Talks

We talk a lot in our speaker trainings about writing your talk as a story, but how do you do that? Is it possible for a tech topic? In this session, we will cover some story-telling structures that work well for tech. Helpful but not required: a topic you are wondering how to turn into a story. No prerequisite to attend this workshop.

Learning outcomes

  1. Why storytelling?
  2. What are the problems tech people encounter with storytelling?
  3. Understand storytelling format 1
  4. Understand storytelling format 2

Comprehension questions

  • What is one good reason to tell your talk as a story?
  • What is one of the problems tech people encounter with storytelling?
  • Name 2 of the 5 steps of the “Say It In Six” storytelling format.
  • Length 46 mins
  • Topic Diversity
  • Language English

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I lead the Diverse Speaker Training group in the Community Team. We have a workshop that encourages more diverse folks to apply to speak at WordPress events. I helped organize the first BuddyCamp and for three years co-organized WordCamp Vancouver. I was voted runner-up for the 2020 BraveIT Award, featured as a Person of WordPress on in 2019, named one of the top 100 Influencers of WordPress in 2014 by Torque Magazine and one of the top 10 Women of WordPress by CloudWays.