Introduction to Open-Source

What do people mean when they use the term Open Source when referring to software? This workshop will cover that question as well as what the GPL software license provides, why WordPress is an open-source project, and how this is important for both the users of WordPress and the contributors to WordPress.

The purpose of this workshop is to share knowledge and understanding of the open web and open source.

Learning outcomes

  1. To teach participants the basics of open-source
  2. To teach participants about the possibilities of open-source software.
  3. Explain the possibilities of open-source software with WordPress as an example.

Comprehension questions

  1. Can you describe and compare the concepts of open-source software, free software and proprietary software?
  2. Can you define the purpose of the GPL license?
  3. Explain the benefits of open-source software for WordPress users.
  4. Explain the possibilities of WordPress
  • Length58 mins
  • TopicOpen-Source
  • LevelBeginner
  • LanguageEnglish

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Hari Shanker R

I\'m a Community Manager for WordPress, and my contributions are sponsored by Automattic. A former Support Engineer, WordPress is one of my biggest passions in my life. I enjoy working on programs that support the global WordPress community, and I believe that open-source tech has the potential to make the world a better place.

I have had a rather diverse career with significant experience in the domains of Retail Banking, Print & Web Journalism, Web Development, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Professional Blogging, and Education.

Outside of work, I enjoy writing (blogging) as a hobby, and I\'m a compulsive bibliophile. I\'m also happily married pet-parent.