Part 3: Advanced Site Design using the Site Editor

Part 2: Personalized Site Design and Theme Blocks

Welcome to the last course of the series. Are you familiar with using the Site Editor to design your site cohesively? This course is for you if you can’t confidently answer ‘yes’ to this question. Remember to install and activate a block theme before continuing.

Homepage template and Site View sidebar.

Course objectives:

  • Navigating and using the Site Editor.
  • Explaining the function of pages, templates, and template parts.
  • Feel confident using the Site Editor to style and design your site.
  • Managing and using various types of patterns.

You are encouraged to use a test/sandbox site to apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills during this course.

What is the Site Editor? Styling your site Introduction to templates How to edit templates via the Site Editor How to edit templates via the Block Editor Assigning a different template to a page or post Editing pages inside the Site Editor Patterns: custom patterns, theme patterns, and template part patterns