Beginner WordPress Developer

Ready to start developing for WordPress? In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how WordPress works, learn about the tools you will need for local development, and discover the fundamental concepts of WordPress development.

A brief overview of how WordPress works

Understand how a web server powers a WordPress site, from the hardware stack through to the database. Review and follow a standard front-end and admin page request.


WordPress and web servers Preview The WordPress file structure Preview The WordPress database Preview Permalinks, rewriting urls on Apache and Nginx Preview Front-end page request Preview Admin page request Preview

Local development requirements

The programming languages of WordPress

Learn about the 5 programming languages of WordPress; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.


HTML Preview CSS Preview JavaScript Preview PHP Preview MySQL Preview

The WordPress development stack

WordPress hooks

An introduction to developing WordPress themes

An introduction to developing WordPress plugins

An introduction to developing WordPress blocks

An introduction to the WordPress REST API

Extending WordPress

An introduction to developing for WordPress securely

An introduction to Internationalization

An introduction to WordPress multisite

Debugging in WordPress

Common WordPress developer tasks


Quiz time