Topic: Extending WordPress

Streamline your Block Theme development with Create Block Theme

Learn how to use the Create Block Theme plugin to streamline your Block Theme development processes. Learning outcomes Comprehension questions Video Transcript Introduction Hey there, and welcome to Learn WordPress. Today you’re going to learn […]

  • Topic: Theme Development, theme.json
  • Duration: 10 mins
  • Language: English

A Developers Guide to Block Themes – Part 2

Learn the how to develop block themes development in part 2 of the Developers Guide to Block Themes.

The course will continue on from what you learned in part 1, and covers more advanced block theme development tactics.

What you will learn:

  • Adding custom fonts to your block theme
  • Adding custom functionality through block patterns
  • Creating Global Styles variations
  • Making your block theme translation ready
  • Locking down your theme settings and blocks
  • Lessons: 21

Using Block Template Parts in Classic Themes

WordPress 6.1 includes a new feature, the ability to register block template parts in classic themes. This feature allows users to make changes to specific parts of the theme, without affecting the rest of the […]

  • Topic: Theme Development, Using Themes
  • Duration: 7 mins
  • Language: English

Using Schema with WordPress theme.json

Learn how using schema with a WordPress block theme’s theme.json file can help you write code efficiently and precisely. Learning outcomes Explain the benefits of using schema with a theme.json file. Utilize schema to write, […]

  • Topic: Site Editor, theme.json
  • Duration: 3 mins
  • Language: English

Upload a Theme to the WordPress Repository

Description In this lesson, you will learn how to submit a theme to the WordPress repository. Objectives After completing this lesson, participants will be able […]

  • Duration 15 mins
  • Audience Developers
  • Experience Level
  • Instruction Type Tutorial

How to Create and Register a Block Pattern

Are you ready to build your own WordPress Block Pattern and use it in several places throughout your site? You can create a Block Pattern […]

  • Duration 45 mins
  • Audience Developers
  • Experience Level Beginner
  • Instruction Type Demonstration
  • WordPress Version: 5.8, 5.9

How to add demo content in WordPress

Description Have you wanted to test features of WordPress, or even within a plugin or theme but needed demo or dummy content? Demo content includes […]

  • Duration 30 mins
  • Audience Contributors
  • Experience Level Beginner
  • Instruction Type Demonstration
  • WordPress Version: 5.7

Editor de Bloques: Puesta en marcha de un Entorno de desarrollo

En este WorkShop vamos a ver cómo instalar, configurar y ejecutar un sistema de desarrollo local en nuestro sistema para poder desarrollar nuestros objetivos de manera sencilla en el editor de bloques de WordPress, también conocido como Gutenberg.

  • Topic: Block Development, Block Editor, Gutenberg
  • Duration: 9 mins
  • Language: Español de Argentina

Editor de Bloques: Crear un Bloque

En este WorkShop se van a ver las herramientas y conceptos básicos para que cualquier persona con conocimientos mínimos de programación pueda adentrase a este fantástico entorno: El Editor de bloques de WordPress, más conocido como Gutenberg.

  • Topic: Block Development, Block Editor, Gutenberg, WordPress
  • Duration: 5 mins
  • Language: Español de Argentina

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