How to do triage on GitHub

To keep the Core Editor GitHub repository healthy, it needs to be triaged regularly. Triage is the practice of reviewing existing issues and pull requests to make sure they’re relevant, actionable, and have all the information they need. Anyone can help triage and this workshop is meant to help you learn how to get involved covering everything from the various ways to help to how to escalate serious problems. No development or design experience is necessary!

If you’re looking for a way to get involved with the WordPress project and don’t know where to start, triage is a great place to begin as it gives you a deeper look into current issues, longstanding problems, new approaches being tried out, and interesting discussions.


Learning outcomes

  1. How to get triage permissions for GitHub if you want them and what the expectations are
  2. Where to communicate triage efforts and the types one can do (join triage meetings, do triage solo, etc)
  3. Understanding commonly used labels
  4. Understanding commonly used filters
  5. Understanding how best to escalate any serious problems

Comprehension questions

  • How do you get access to help with triage efforts?
  • What are the main ways one can participate in triage efforts?
  • How do you determine and escalate a serious problem?
  • Length 15 mins
  • Topic Contributing, Core
  • Language English

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