Set up a account (multiple languages)

This video takes you through the steps of setting up a profile and joining the Make WordPress Slack in order to start contributing. It is available in a number of different languages below.

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Captions and voiceovers in other languages are being created. You can also help with this by contacting the Marketing Team on the Make WordPress Slack.

Additional guides to help you get started contributing are available on the Contributor Events Handbook on GitHub.

Transcript (Original/English)

There are many ways to get involved with the WordPress project.
You can find out more information on the various teams, at
Communications for the different teams is done via the WordPress Slack.
Information on how to join the WordPress Slack, can be found at
Here, you will find information on how to get registered and started with Slack. As well as links to install Slack apps, which are available for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices.
To gain access to the WordPress slack, first you need to register for, or log into your account.
To register for a account, go to, and click the link to ‘Create an Account’.
On the page: you will also see a link to ‘Log in to’
On the ‘Create Account’ page, you can set your username (lower-case letters & numbers), and set your preferred email address for your account.
After filling in both those fields, click ‘Create Account’. This window should also show a prompt for you to check your email for a confirmation link to set your password for your account.
Here we can add in some optional information, such as website URL, your location, occupation and interests. Don’t worry about filling all of these in, as you can complete these later with more detail, after your account is setup, by editing your profile on
Next, check your email account and check for the email from
You will see a link in the email that will take you to a page, where you can set your password for account.
Now that we have our account setup, we can go back to the page
You will see that the content on this page has now changed.
Under the section heading ‘Joining the WordPress team on Slack’
You will see some information, this will tell you that an email account has been set up for you, which forwards to your own email account.
After that paragraph, you will see a link to click to receive the invite from the WordPress Slack, go ahead and click that link.
The page content will change once more, letting you know an invite has been sent to you.
Go ahead and check your emails, be sure to also check spam/junk folders, just in-case.
In my inbox, I now have a new email from Slack, this includes the link to join the Make WordPress Slack.
Clicking on this will take you to your account setup page on Slack.
Enter your full name – I have entered a dummy name here, for the purposes of this video. Also Be sure to use a good strong password.
You can also choose to accept emails from slack. Since this is a demo account, for this video, I will choose not to have the emails sent to me.
Click ‘Create Account’. It can take some time for the account to be setup, and the next page to load, so please be patient.
Once you are in, you will have some options available to you, these include sending a message to a friend or fellow team member, to let them know you have joined the WordPress Slack, you can also add a profile image, and set notifications preferences.
There are also links to download the Slack app for your current device.
On the left under channels, you will see a couple of default channels to get you started. You can add or remove (join or leave) any of the channels available.
To add (or join) a channel, click the plus sign, next to channels, or the ‘Add a channel’ link below the list.
Here, I will choose to add the #accessibility channel… When you first click the channel, you will see some information on that channel, including the topic description, meeting times, creation date, and also the number of members in the team.
You can either click the preview (for a sneak peak), or click join at the top right.
Preview allows you to scan the channel, without joining or adding it to your list of channels. Within preview, you can then click to add or join that channel.
Now that you have Slack setup, it’s now a good time to go back and complete some details on your profile.
Your profile image is pulled in from your Gravatar, so setting up your account with a suitable profile photograph is a great place to start.
After that, return to your WordPress profile page, and personalise your Forum & profiles.