How to test WordPress beta releases

Unlock the power of WordPress beta releases with this comprehensive demonstration video!

In this video, I tried to guide you through the step-by-step process of testing the latest beta version of WordPress. In this short and insightful video, I tried to showcase how to seamlessly upgrade and downgrade WordPress versions, ensuring you have full control over your testing environment.

Gain valuable insights into the beta release, explore new features, and enhance your WordPress knowledge. This video includes a detailed test report, empowering you to make informed decisions about the upcoming WordPress updates.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, or WordPress enthusiast, this tutorial is a must-watch for those looking to stay ahead of the curve and optimize their WordPress experience. Watch, learn, and elevate your WordPress testing game today!

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn WordPress Contribution with Beta Release Testing.

Comprehension questions

  1. How to Test WordPress Beta Releases?
  2. How to Participate on WordPress Release Party?


Hello everyone! In this video I will show how you can test WordPress beta releases. Before any major version of WordPress is officially released. It goes through a series of beta releases that you can find from WordPress beta release schedule post, and, here you will find all the release date for beta versions like beta one, two, three.

So I started this video here. And here I will show how you can install a beta tester plugin and test beta three. Is this released recently? So I have I created a staging site. It’s a fresh installation and I will show how you can test this 6.5 beta three version here. So if I go to updates section here, you will find a current version is 6.4.3.

But as we noticed here, 6.5.3 beta is available. So I will show how you can test this. For doing this I will install a plugin called beta WordPress Beta Tester. So I will just copy this here. I will search for it. So this is the plugin WordPress Beta tester. And I will hit on Install Now button.

And then I will activate it. So from here I will go to settings option. And here I will select the bleeding edge and then beta RC only. So I will hit Save Changes button and then I will go to updates section again. and here you will find update to version 6.5 beta three. So if I click on this. For that I have to click on update WordPress database and continue.

So we are updated to 6.5 beta three. If I go to update section again you will see we are using uh 6.5 beta three version. So we were in 6.4.3 and uh, we are now using 6.5 beta three. So if you want to test more versions like I updated from 6.4.3 if you want to test from other versions.

So, we can do that as well. There are several plugins available for rolling back to the WordPress versions of a site, such as code rollback and WP downgrade. In this video, I will demonstrate using the core Rollback WordPress plugin.

After activating this plugin, if you visit the tools section, you will find roll rollback core and here you can roll back to some other versions like if I want to roll back to 5.9.9 and hit on rollback button here.

It will take us to 5.9.9. And if I hit on reinstall version 5.9.9 and it will downgrade my WordPress version. So I have to update the database again. Update is complete. So I am now using 5.9.9. And if I go to updates section again. And then I will find option update to version 6.5 beta three.

So I have to update the database again and click on continue. So we are now using 6.5. So this is the task basically, you have to test from different versions to beta 6.5 beta three version. And if it’s working smoothly you have to just write the report. So how can I participate in the release party? Okay, you have to find that specific release parties post.

And here you will find the time of release party. So you have to join on that particular date and time. And once you join on the core channel on slack, you will see a release party is happening. So once the host welcome you to join the release party, you have to join. And then you have to test from different versions.

So you will see lots of people are giving different type of test reports. So it’s here, host will tell, it’s testing time and he will give the instruction, how you can test what I already shown you. So you have to just follow my method. And here you have to just provide different test reports, like from which version you upgraded to the final version.

So you have to, you can test multiple times and give same report here. And you will see lots of people also giving their test reports from different versions. that is the task basically. So you can now try testing a core release too. If you have any difficulties, feel free to ask for help in core slack channel or in the WordPress support forum.

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