How to Submit a Workshop

Learning outcomes

Participants will be familiar with how a workshop topic is suggested, how the team reviews submitted topics, and the journey from idea to published plan.

Comprehension questions

  1. Who can submit a workshop (anyone)
  2. If I submit a workshop, it will be approved (false)
  3. The Training team reviews submitted workshops (true)


When you get to, you will find workshops and lesson plans. The workshops will give you a video presentation about a number of different topics, you can narrow down what you’re looking for using the filters at the top.

And once you have found a workshop that you would like to watch, you can select it. Below you will find details like learning outcomes comprehension questions, and if this is part of a series of workshops, you can read some details about the author of the workshop, and then take a test and join a group discussion.

Group discussions generally expect that you have watched the video first, and then you will select join a group discussion. And within that you could see when that particular workshop or other workshops may have upcoming discussion groups.

So I see that the next discussion group that I’m interested in attending is happening on June 15. I will jump into select more. Notice that this is on So you may need a Meetup login to proceed, I can say that I am going by RSVP to this. And I get some details about that information.

So discussions are going to be live sessions that can appear either in zoom or in a slack chat or a number of other methods at this time. So I would be able to add this to my calendar and I will get emails with any additional details that I may need.

If you’re interested in submitting a workshop, you can go down to this learn how to contribute area. And within that, you can see that you can submit your workshop. The workshop idea would look like this and you need to give a fairly detailed breakdown of what’s going to be happening. You can reuse the lesson plans, you could string several workshops together but you need to get very specific in the information that you’re submitting as to who the intended audience is and what the content should include which language you would like this to appear in and if there’s anything else that we should know.

You could also volunteer to facilitate group discussions by becoming one of the discussion group facilitators. You can read more details about that or apply at this location. If you’re interested in leaving any of the discussion groups. You can also join the training channel in slack to continue participating in the entire workshop experience and process as well. Thanks so much. We look forward to reviewing your workshop submissions.

Workshop Details


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