Quality Assurance

Ensuring Quality Content

Learn WordPress is dedicated to supplying top-quality learning materials for all WordPress users – from publishers and developers to themers, builders, and everyone else. As this platform is part of the open-source WordPress project, the content on the site is contributed by individuals from all over the globe. While every effort is made to ensure only high-quality educational content is published, not everyone who produces the materials has access to the same recording equipment or productions skills. This may result in some work not meeting the high standard of production quality that Learn WordPress strives towards, even though it is of great educational value.

Faculty & Community Content

You may notice around the site that some items are labelled as “Faculty” or “Community” content – this is what indicates whether the content meets the platform’s high production standards or not. The Faculty is a dedicated and trained group of volunteers seeking to make this platform the best place to learn about WordPress. Any content labelled as Faculty content will be of a high standard when it comes to production and creation.

Content that is equally valuable when it comes to learning and education, but does not meet the same production standards, will be labelled as