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Why we need Community deputies and what they do

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An Overview of the Supporter Roles

Community team Supporters are a dedicated group of people from all over the world who guide event organizers, answer questions, and generally keep things related to Community team events running on a day-to-day basis.

They work alongside new and returning organizers to make sure those organizers are not overworking themselves, are following the code of conduct, and generally are making positive contributions to the WordPress open source project.

Why the Original Deputy Program was Created

The Deputy Program was created to help decentralize management of the overall Community team program and help with the large volume of daily emails. What started with a small pilot program in October of 2014, has grown into a team of global contributors.

In 2023, the decision was made to transition the contributor role names to make them more flexible and universally translatable.

  • Mentors have become Event Supporters.
  • Deputies have become Program Supporters.
  • Super Deputies have become Program Managers.

New tasks are being added to the Event Supporter role to allow them to support meetups and Next Gen events more effectively. Mentorship has become a task that anyone can undertake if they qualify.

Community Team Supporters — depending on role, experience, and skill set — are trained to manage the following tasks:

  • Mentor event organizers
  • Answer questions in #community-events on Slack
  • Participate in Community Team discussions and decisions
  • Process event and new supporter applications
  • Host event orientations
  • Email cleanup in the HelpScout queue for the address
  • Perform WordCamp and Next Generation event budget reviews
  • Design, build, and test new tools for