Community Team Supporter Basics

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Where to ask questions

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It’s perfectly OK not to know an answer when someone from the community asks a question. When this happens, the best response is usually, “I don’t know, but let’s find out.”

Some people wonder if they are allowed to post certain things, or what things are appropriate, or which things belong on the blog vs. in Slack or Help Scout. This page is intended to answer these questions.

If there’s a policy you’re not sure about:

First, ask the question in the #community-team channel in Slack.

  • If no one there has an answer, post your question as a new blog post on
  • If someone on Slack DOES have the answer, and there is no documentation on the policy:
    • Post to with a summary of the policy in question as you understand it
    • Ask others to confirm your understanding (description) is correct
    • Add it to the handbook.
  • If someone on Slack DOES have the answer, and there is already documentation, no need to post about it.

If there’s something odd/awkward/unpleasant going on with a specific WordCamp, meetup, or other Community team event:

When something that seems strange is happening, it can be a good idea for all the Supporters to know about it, so everyone is equally informed.

  • If it’s something big that needs a decision from the group, write a new post about it and share it with the appropriate Supporter group in Slack for comment.
  • If it’s a situation you have a question about, consider presenting an overview of the situation without using specific names, adding more detail as follow up questions are asked.

Regardless of the approach, be respectful but specific in the language you use to describe or discuss the issue.

If you need to know the status of something financial:

Program Managers have access to the payments dashboard and can check the status there.

  • If you have access, go ahead and check.
  • If you don’t, ping a Program Managers in Slack and one of them can check for you.
  • If no one is in Slack, send an email to

Posting to the Community team Make/WordPress blog

All Supporters are added as authors on the Community team blog, In general, posting etiquette and protocol follows two simple rules:

  • Post to the blog if it’s something all the Supporters should be informed of; or if you’re asking a question that would benefit all Supporters to know the answer to.
  • If it’s a sensitive situation, be thoughtful with your language.