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How WordPress Translations Work

What We Translate

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WordPress Polyglots Team can translate practically everything that is available on the official WordPress project websites if they wish to do so, including but not limited to:

Deciding on what to translate

Very often, Polyglots Team contributors start translating because they want to use WordPress itself or a plugin/theme in their language. After they finish translating the projects for themselves, they ask – what should I translate next?

The answer really depends on what the contributor is trying to accomplish through their contribution and the translation status of their locale. For those who just want to help the WordPress project with translating anything, here is a list of priority projects and contents:

  1. WordPress Core
  2. The latest bundled theme (Twenty XX)
  3. Highly visible page(s) on localized site (e.g. front page, about page)
  4. Get involved page (teams create their own version)

Also, it’s highly recommended to invest some time in content that can help grow your translation team. You can start by documenting the translation process in your language, then build a style guide/glossary (these are covered later in this course). Remember, you can only translate a limited amount of strings alone. By inviting more people to your team, you can build a community of contributors to share each other’s work with.

If you’re still not sure where to go next, you can decide based on the impact and effort required. Below is a rough prioritization of various translation projects, based on their importance and the number of strings.