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Shipping Swag to Meetups and WordCamps

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Currently, shipping swag is being handled by another team of sponsored contributors. However, it could be moved back to the Community team and we would like you to be prepared if it is.

This lesson will give you a general overview of the process. Should you need to ship swag in the future, you’ll be able to use the up-to-date, detailed documentation in the Supporter and Manager handbook.

Swag We Send

  • For events, we provide WordPress branded lanyards and a full pack (200) of W logo buttons and stickers.
  • For WordPress Meetup groups that are new or who have not received swag in 18 months, we provide a “half pack” (100) of W logo buttons and stickers.
  • For some special events, new swag bundles will be created.

When in doubt ask the other Program Supporters or Program Managers in Slack.

Ordering Swag for Events

8 weeks before an event, we receive an automated notification to send swag to them. To avoid potential delays, we try to ship the swag as soon after that as possible.

Before you send a shipment based on a request from the organizer or a system email, check the notes section on the events tracker to ensure swag hasn’t already been ordered.

We also send a follow up email for all event requests to verify shipping information and how much swag the event actually needs. You can check for that email by searching in HelpScout, or asking a Program Supporter or Manager to check for you.