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How WordPress Translations Work

Intro to WordPress Translation

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As of summer 2021, the WordPress core software package is available in about 60 locales* and also can be translated into over additional 140 locales. You can find a list of all WordPress locales on make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams.

*A locale is a common terminology in software localization. It refers to a set of parameters that define the user’s language, region, and special variant preferences. An example within the WordPress project is “Spanish (Mexico),” Spanish used in Mexico, and we use “es_MX” as its WordPress locale code.

The map below shows locations of a major city associated with locales with at least one core release.

Locale teams consist of volunteer translators who understand both the team language and English. They are often WordPress users, and many are also developers or professionals who understand the technical aspects of WordPress (source).

Within each locale team, the Locale Managers help facilitate the team’s activities, such as maintaining their localized website and assigning contributors to other roles.

General Project Editors (GTEs) and Project Translation Editors (PTEs) review suggested translations for all the projects and specific project(s), respectively. We will explain these reviewer roles in a later part of this module.

The global Polyglots Team also has some Global Mentors who can help and guide contributors with questions about the translation process, team collaboration, and more.