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Getting help

How to find help with WordPress

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What should you do if you encounter a roadblock on your WordPress journey? In this lesson, I will guide you through finding help when you need it the most.

Visit the support forums

If you are facing an issue such as a formatting problem, a plugin acting up, or any other hiccup, you can start by visiting to see if an existing thread relates to your problem. The answer to your question might already be there. Let’s go ahead and see this in action. Make your way to, click on Learn, and then select Forums. At the top right, you can search for existing questions. In this case, I will type in Website loading slowly and then see a results list. Hopefully, I will find the answer amongst these.

Post a query

If you can’t find a thread that provides a solution to your problem, we can return to the support forum page and then post a query in one of the support forums, such as Fixing WordPress or Everything else WordPress. Let’s go ahead and open up the fixing WordPress forum. At the top right above the list of topics, you can create your own topic and then fill in all the relevant details about your question.

Themes and plugins

If you are facing a problem due to a specific plugin or theme, you are advised to contact their support forum or support page directly. I also want to highlight that someone from the general support forums will often refer you to these platforms if the issue is from a theme or plugin. To find the support forum of a specific plugin or theme, go to the forums page and scroll down to Themes and Plugins. Select which one applies, in this case, let’s go for plugins and then search for the relevant plugin. For this example, I will select the Jetpack plugin. Then, I will click on the support tab below the download button. This will open the support forum for the Jetpack plugin, where you can search through old questions or create a new topic. If you are on your site, you can access support via the plugins dashboard. If you use a premium theme or plugin, you can always visit their website and contact their support team.

Documentation and Learn WordPress

Lastly, you can access two fantastic resources on the site that provide help and guidance to use and develop with WordPress. Firstly, WordPress documentation. You can access documentation from within the forums page or if you click on Learn and then select Documentation. The documentation page is a treasure trove of guides and articles that cover a wide range of topics. You can use the search block to search for a topic or the links below to narrow your search. You might want to learn more about changing or customizing the appearance of your site, so below customization, we can select Appearance and then choose a topic. We might want to learn more about block themes, for example.

Finally, let’s talk about To open the site, click the Learn tab and select Learn WordPress. Learn WordPress is an educational platform and resource that offers various materials, including video lessons, online workshops, and courses designed to help individuals learn and enhance their skills in using and developing WordPress.


I trust these platforms will help you find the necessary answers or resources. I will also add the links in the description below.


Support Forums


Learn WordPress