Community team Supporter basics

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Community Deputy Training Conclusion

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Over the previous 10 lessons, you have learnt a whole lot about being a WordCamp Community Team Supporter – what is expected of you and what the implications of your work can be.

If you have reached this lesson successfully, then it means that you have completed all of the quizzes correctly. Excellent work!

In this final lesson, we’re going to ask a few long-form questions about some specific situations you may encounter as a Community Team Supporter. Take some time to think about your answers and decided what you would do in each of these situations.

Once you have submitted this quiz, please email to say that have finished the training, and indicate what your username is on this site. After that, an experienced Program Supporter will review your answers and schedule an orientation with you.

This will likely be a group orientation which we find is an excellent way to meet other new supporters as you all get started with your Community team tasks!