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Workshop reviewers will review applications for workshops in their area of expertise and in the language(s) in which they’re fluent and make recommendations on whether the workshops should be created and shared in the Learn WordPress project.

If you’re interested in being a reviewer please fill out this application.

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Reviewing Workshop Submissions Reviewing Workshop Submissions

On the Learn WordPress website, anyone can submit a workshop idea via the Workshop Presenter Application.

Once submitted, all workshops need to be reviewed by contributors to the Learn WordPress working group, which is a cross-team working group housed within the Training team focused on Learn WordPress workshops, discussion groups, and overall site planning.

To find the applications that still need a review, visit the Learn WordPress Dashboard and go to Workshops > All Workshops. Here, click on Needs Vetting to filter for workshop submissions that still need to be reviewed.

Click on Edit to view the full application for the workshop.

When evaluating a workshop submission, reference the reviewing criteria from the Community Handbook. It can also be helpful to:

  • Check if the person applying has previous speaking experience.
  • Look through existing Learn WordPress workshops to confirm the idea is unique.
  • Not hesitate to ask for more information if you feel you don’t have enough to evaluate the submission! It’s always a great idea to reach out to get additional feedback from the person applying.

If a workshop looks good to go, change its status from Needs Vetting to Approved For Video. Then, go to HelpScout to email the workshop applicant to let them know that their video was approved. You can use the Workshop: Workshop approved Saved Reply for this.

If the workshop seems okay, but you need more information to better evaluate it, use the HelpScout once again to reach out to the applicant to ask for any information you may need to help evaluate. In this case, you can change the workshop status from Needs Vetting to More Info Requested.

Finally, if the workshop doesn’t fit the criteria above or doesn’t seem appropriate for Learn WordPress – i.e. it’s not about WordPress or very clearly violates expectations for Meetup/WordCamp speakers – you can switch the workshop’s status from Needs Vetting to Declined. Do reach out to the applicant to let them know that the workshop was declined and, if possible, provide some suggestions or resources for future submissions.

If you need access to the Learn WordPress HelpScout instance, ping one of the team reps or ask for help in #training.