Create a Workshop

This handbook is still very much a work in progress. We welcome your feedback if you’d like to volunteer to help. But please know this isn’t completed or fully updated. Thank you!

Learn WordPress Team

What to expect What to expect

After submitting your workshop application, your submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a member of the Learn WordPress Working Group to confirm if you should go ahead with recording it and creating your supporting materials.  

Once you’ve received confirmation to go ahead with your workshop, the next steps are to:

  • Write out your script! This is the part where you gather all of your thoughts, develop an outline for what you’d like to present, and begin to work on any supporting materials, like slides or screenshots.
  • Record your video. Best practices for your video can be found here. Some tools past contributors have used for recording their video are:
    • Zoom
    • mmhmm!
    • iMovie
    • DaVinci Studio
  • Once you’ve recorded your workshop, it’s time to edit. Cut out any mistakes and place your recordings into the correct order. 
  • When your video is ready, upload it to WordPress.TV.  Be sure to check the Learn WordPress category.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your video to WordPress.TV, reply to your confirmation email to let a Learn WordPress Working Group member know.
  • Finally, update your application with any new information and the video link, including a title card. You can find the template here.

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Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the technical specs for the video?

A: You will be uploading your video to WordPress.TV, so please keep in mind their Video Submission Guidelines.

Q: Is there a preferred length of recording?

A: We don’t have a recording length limit in mind.  It doesn’t serve us well to be prescriptive about workshop length since topics will require different amounts of time to appropriately cover.  If you need to go longer than 90 minutes, break up your recordings into multiple videos.

Q: Do I need to share the link to my slides?

A: No, but you may.  Most workshop presenters will include their slides in the video making this not necessary.

Q: I hate editing/writing/speaking. Do I have to do it all?

A: No! A lot of care and effort goes into making a video, or any presentation, really. If there’s a particular part of the process you excel at, feel free to include that in your application or reach out in the #training team channel to see if there’s anyone interested in helping to divide the tasks with you.Workshops can be created and presented by people who would otherwise be speaking at WordCamps and supplemented by existing content from WordPress.TV or talks that are being given at online meetups. 

This program is new, and how it functions is not set in stone. We’re very much looking forward to hosting a variety of content in many languages from contributors around the world. 

If you would like to submit a workshop to the site, please feel in this form. Workshops can be submitted in any language as we would love to see this site be as multilingual as possible.

Here’s a sheet with some ideas for workshops that would be valuable – you’re welcome to submit any of these as your workshop and even add to the sheet if there’s content that you would like to see on the site.

As a note, please keep in mind that the guidelines for content that focuses on specific brands is in the works.

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Video standards and guidelines Video standards and guidelines

We expect that Learn WordPress videos follow certain standards and guidelines to ensure that they are informative and useful for attendees. The purpose of these standards and guidelines are not to ensure professional production standards – the idea behind them is to make sure that the contents are useful for participants. For this reason, we do not expect exceptional production quality from applicants with fancy graphics, crisp video (even though it’s great if participants can work it out).

In short, any workshop video – where a participant is able to clearly understand the contents being covered without any confusion and does not have any mistakes in the content, is welcome! 

Please keep these guidelines in mind while working on the workshop video:

  • Your workshop video should not be more than 90 minutes long. Anything more than that should be split into separate workshops.
  • The video should be in HD quality (at least 720p or 1080p) and should be clear. The audio recording in the video should also be loud and clear. The presenter’s voice should be audible. Bonus points: If your face is on screen, be sure that you have good lighting.
  • The video should not be a monologue with the workshop presenter speaking to the camera throughout. Sprucing it up with text, images, slides, etc. is preferred as it makes the content engaging. The language in the workshop should also be clear and jargon-free. 
  • If you are providing step-by-step instructions to your users in your workshops, consider using screen-shares for the same. You can also choose to include a video overlay of you speaking along with the screen share, if you wish to. Note: If you’re using a screenshare, please be mindful to not share any private information on your screen.
  • If the workshop presenter is using any code as part of the workshop, it should be shared along with the video, in order to be listed with the workshop.
  • While it is not a requirement at this time, consider including captions along with the workshop video. If you have prepared a script for your workshop video, you can use it to create captions. 
  • Before submitting the video, please go through the video one last time to check for any errors, jitters, or factual inaccuracies. 
  • While we may rely on certain plugins, themes, or tools for examples, please do your best to avoid mentioning specific brands so learners know that there may be multiple resources and tools available to achieve a specific outline,

Additional information and resources

  • If you wish to add content overlays to your video or just a thumbnail, please use the following Google Slides template. Open the template, click on File > Make a copy. You will see that the presentation has three slides. Make changes to the slide that you would like to edit, based on the format. Then, select the slide and click on File > Download > PNG Image (.png, current slide). You can use the image to create a title for your video, or simply use that for your workshop or video, featured image. Workshop presenters can supply the title image along with their video to us. 
  • The training team has a slides style guide that you can consider – in case you wish to use slides for your talk (it’s not a requirement at this time).
  • Workshop creators should also submit quiz questions and answers (up to 5) with each workshop.