Community meeting etiquette

WordPress community teams meet regularly to connect in real time. Teams should feel free to find what works for them, but here are the two types that are seen most often.

Team Meetings:

These are typically scheduled on regular dates and times. Some teams choose to have them weekly or monthly on the same day and time (for example, every first Tuesday at 10:00 UTC). Other teams mirror their meetings or alternate times to allow for as many people to participate as possible. The purpose of these meetings are to check in with each other, welcome new contributors, share current issues, and best practices.

Discussion Meetings:

These are meetings to discuss a specific topic, which need to be scheduled. The person scheduling the meeting should announce the date and time for this meeting ahead of time on the team blog, so people are aware that it is happening. Ideally, discussions will be scheduled to include the maximum number of contributor time zones. It may be necessary to schedule two discussions on the same topic at different times, to include more contributors.

Meeting Structure: Planning and Opening Meeting Structure: Running, Closing and Follow-up
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