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WordPress provides limitless ways for people to craft and grow their online presence. The content in these courses is delivered in multiple formats, with a focus on text and video, working towards practical learning objectives to help you become a better WordPress developer, designer, user, and contributor.

Using the Site Editor

If you've ever wanted to edit all parts of your site easily, the Site Editor makes that possible. First launched in WordPress 5.9, the Site Editor includes features like templates, template parts, theme blocks, and more. The courses below will teach you all about using the Site Editor and its features to help you build your perfect site.

Part 3: Advanced Site Design with Full Site Editing: Site Editor, Templates and Template Parts

Let’s explore how you can use templates and template parts to edit your entire site’s design.

Here’s what you’ll learn by the end of this course:

  • Difference between the Site Editor and Template Editor
  • The function of templates and template parts
  • How to confidently use the Site Editor and Template Editor
  • How to create a personalized site design using templates and template parts
  • Lessons: 7

Part 2: Personalized Site Design with Full Site Editing and Theme Blocks

Let’s dive into theme blocks! Now that you know about full site editing, you can take advantage of your familiar experience with blocks to customize and build all parts of your site.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What theme blocks are, along with their benefits
  • How to create a personalized site design using theme blocks
  • Lessons: 7

Part 1: Simple Site Design with Full Site Editing

Do you want to build a site on WordPress, but don’t know how to code? No problem.

Learn how to create beautiful designs without code, thanks to full site editing (FSE)—a set of interconnected features that make WordPress powerful.

We’ll go through:

  • The benefits of full site editing when creating a new site
  • How to create a customized site design without any coding
  • Lessons: 15

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