Experience Level: Intermediate

Website optimization

Learn which elements impact performance, and how to test and optimize your site’s speed.

Testing your content for accessibility

Transcript Introduction In this lesson, we will talk about testing your content for accessibility. If you watched the first lesson on this topic, you’re already […]

Uncovering the Cover block

Transcript Introduction Today, we are exploring the Cover block. It is an excellent tool for creating headers, banner-style displays, call-to-actions, and more. The Cover block […]

Using the Group block

A lesson to show three ways to set up and style the Group block. Highlights include adding a background image, renaming, borders, radius, grouping and […]

SEO strategies

Dive into more advanced SEO concepts, like long-tail keywords, semantic search, and content gap analysis.

Image optimization

Transcript Introduction This lesson is all about image optimization. But you might be asking what image optimization is all about. Image optimization maintains the balance […]

Managing Settings: Privacy Policy

Transcript Introduction In this lesson, we will explore setting up a privacy policy page. It is recommended that all website owners add a privacy policy […]

Managing Settings: Permalinks

Transcript Introduction In this lesson, we will discuss permalinks and explore permalink settings. The learning outcomes are defining permalinks and slugs, changing permalinks using the […]

Managing Settings: Media

Transcript How does WordPress store images? This short video will give us an overview of managing our media settings. Visiting the Media Library lets you […]

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