Experience Level: Beginner

Beginner WordPress Developer

Ready to start developing for WordPress? In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how WordPress works, learn about the tools you will need for local development, and discover the fundamental concepts of WordPress development.

  • Lessons: 59

Beginner WordPress User

Embark on your WordPress journey with our beginner-friendly course! Learn the essentials of creating and managing your own website, from mastering the user-friendly interface to crafting engaging content. Unlock the power of WordPress and build a solid foundation for your online presence.

  • Lessons: 25

Quiz time

The last four modules of this pathway covered common WordPress developer tasks, including securing your code, internationalizing it, working with WordPress multisite, and debugging your […]

Time to test your skills

In the four preceding modules, you learned about the four main ways to extend WordPress, namely: Now take the following quiz to test your knowledge […]

Test your knowledge

So far, you’ve learned how WordPress works, the tools you require to develop with WordPress locally, and the five programming languages of WordPress. It’s time […]

Useful debugging plugins

While the built-in debugging options in WordPress should cover most of your needs, there are a number of plugins that can help you with debugging […]

The built-in WordPress debugging options

As you become more proficient with WordPress development, you’ll find that sometimes things don’t work as expected, and you need to figure out why. In […]

Developing for a multisite network

WordPress core includes a set of functions and hooks that control certain aspects of the network, or individual sites on the network. In this lesson, […]

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